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La Vie en Rose
La Vie en Rose
Some people say that the only time you have 20/20 vision
is when you look into the past
That it's only possible to at last realize your mistakes
after you've brought them into being
Never seeing in the moment the cliff you just dove off
I don't agree
I think that it's through rose-tinted glasses that we see,
that all our triumphs and our follies are only revealed
when filtered through that pale shade of pink,
our past and pain laid bare as if by magic.
We see only what we want,
willful ignorance cloaked around us to mould our world
into what we fantasize is real.
In a way, it means that reality is a fable,
a trite tale that changes with the reader
History is written by the vocal leader
and our story changes depending on
our need for noble deeds or cautionary tales
History makes damsels in distress, fair maidens
and writes true love's success or failure.
You can look and see only good and virtue when truth is,
you're blind to all the things that hurt you at the time,
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Mature content
Inescapable Polarity :icontieranosaur:tieranosaur 1 0
No One
No One
In our own minds, we're always the first person to do everything.
No one has ever hurt like this before,
No one has ever lost love before,
and even if they did,
No one has ever hurt this much before.
No one has ever kissed,
or held hands like this before
No one has ever wanted to die before
or lost hope and faith in happiness
To each of us, life has never been done before and we walk on it,
leaving the first footprints in the crunchy field of virgin snow.
Life's too short to be stressed out
Whatever happens will happen and we have limited control
Squeezing tighter won't give you more control, but less.
I'm not the first person to discover this, but like every great personal discovery,
we make it alone.
Every person that ever lived or will ever live will experience that moment,
or maybe several moments,
where your brain feels like it explodes
and yet the universe seems to shrink to the tiny amount of space
occupied by you and you feel supremely isolated,
filled with knowledge and
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Not My Best Day Ever
Not My Best Day Ever
… started at about midnight.
Woke up after a full two hours of sleep,
Thanks, Body, I didn't want anymore sleep anyways.
The day after ending the relationship I was never in in the first place.
Learned from my mistakes this time,
asked honest questions, got honest answers.
Stopped things now instead of deceiving myself.
Cried, tried to purge myself of all the poison,
all the pain, all the things.
All the things I loved and wanted to stay the same.
All the things that couldn't stay because of
all the things I wanted that you didn't.
Not the easiest walk to work,
but at least in the dark no one can see you cry.
The hard part was finding purpose in anything.
Sure, I had work, but what's the point?
What's the point of anything?
There is none.  Not really.
No point to anything when all I can do is hold myself up
by the counter and wet the floor with my tears.
Tears coming from a hurt just barely healed,
made all the more vicious and sharp by my constant
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Mature content
Parental Advisory: Explicit Content :icontieranosaur:tieranosaur 0 3
Mature content
Parthian Epilogue :icontieranosaur:tieranosaur 0 0
Mature content
What They Could Piece Together :icontieranosaur:tieranosaur 0 0
Waiting for an Absolution ...
Waiting for an Absolution that Would Never Come
After all the time that we have spent apart
And the precious moments spent together
Few feelings have not found my voice,
Few words remain unsaid; whether
They are ones of love and adoration
Or hopes and dreams of future days
I tried to tell you everything I felt for you
Even when you set all those dreams ablaze.
So now, when I say I love you
And that I hope you're happy and content,
What I really mean is I hope you're not
And that you spend your days and nights in torment.
I hope that a smile never finds your face again
And your laughter never fills your soul
I hope that when you close your eyes you see my face
And that no one else will ever fill the hole
That you knowingly created in your life
When you decided you cared more about yourself.
I hope that everything brings me to your mind
And you find it hard to leave me on the shelf.
I no longer want the best for you,
I hope you're miserable and contrite.
I hope you cannot sleep and canno
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new nightmares
new nightmares
i can still remember the exact moment we met
your voice, your eyes
i can still taste our first kiss and smell your skin
i still remember the adrenaline and fire racing
through me so fast it took my breath away
i remember everything because it used to be my happy place
where i could hide and pretend i wasn't alone
now all those memories haunt me, claw at my skin,
my hands held up, defenseless, screaming, bleeding, wailing
pleading for the pain to end
i remember everything
but now, instead of bliss all i feel is
empty, sinking, abandonment
i gave you everything
everything i am, i was or hoped to be
it was all yours
and i don't know how to forget you
i don't want to forget
how could you do this to me?
you selfish, immature, lying bastard!
too young and full of your own wants and desires to see
that the best thing you ever had
or would ever find
was right in front of you
you wouldn't know a selfless thought
if it came up and turkey slapped you
i have spent a month crying for
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Some daydreams aren't ...
some daydreams aren't so pleasant
i dreamed a dream that you were gone
the blood red sunset fading fast
as daylight fled in frightened fever
from the dark triumphant, proud at last
the feathered hands of shadows reached out to claim
what leathered bands of sleep and terror kept
frozen until sunrise would win the game
too paralyzed to speak, too petrified to move
i stared in morbid fascination
the darkness parted, i looked around fainthearted
my hungry eyes for you did seek
majestic and foreboding, the midnight purple blackness
only served to increase my desperation
no arms to hold me, strong and warm
no hands to touch me, protect or save me
no lips to kiss or soul to miss
no form or frame, no simulation
not even dark-eyed, fang-toothed imitation
just emptiness and silence, fading twilight into day
but without you here the dawn can only, ever grow into grey
my nightmare hasn't ended yet
since you are still not here
life will only be what it should
when you return and the day brings abou
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To a Certain Soldier
To a Certain Soldier
The uneventful hours of my day
Are passed in wishing you were here
Each minute marked, to my dismay
As still your dearest form does not appear
My sole comforts through these empty hours
Are the memories we have made before
And the welcome dreams my mind empowers
To keep me sane 'til you are here once more
I dwell upon your silvered words of love
And the way you bring a smile to my face
Your body fits mine like a glove
At your side is where I've made my place
Though it will be a while 'til you are here for good
I eagerly await the day we can be together as we should
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Modern Canadian Bedtime Story
A Modern Canadian Bedtime Story
Once upon a time, there was a mean bear with black fur and sharp yellow claws. He lived in a forest in Northern Quebec where they grew maple trees and the sap was made into famous Canadian maple syrup. Over time, the bear got greedy and decided he didn't want to share, he wanted all the sap for himself. The bear started chasing people out of the forest when they came to collect the sap. He growled and roared and charged them. Sometimes, he got close enough to scratch them and he tore the hat off of one poor farmer so fast it cut some of his hair!
All the people who harvested the maple syrup gathered one day and decided they needed to figure out a solution to their bear problem. The townspeople didn't know what to do! They were all afeared that the bear would eat them if they went back to the forest. But then one little girl got up. Her name was Lucy and she had curly blond hair and blue eyes and was the prettiest little 5 year old anyone had ever seen.
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i believe in God, but I don't believe in religion
i believe that humans are flawed and have no business
        dealing in spiritual absolution
i refuse to believe that the Big Bang did not occur
i will not concede to genetic descent from
        ancestors covered in fur
i believe every woman should have a choice
and for those who cannot speak
        you should use your voice
i will not be confined inside your paltry definitions
my imagination goes far beyond your
        scheming machinations
i've had enough of baseless opinion forming
and if you truly insist on spewing propaganda
then you deserve the future towards which you go,
        beyond all posted warning
life isn't always fair, and bad things happen to the innocent
there's no point in assigning blame
or in living a life fi
:icontieranosaur:tieranosaur 1 1
Words Left Unarticulated
Words Left Unarticulated
They say that only God can save me now
only God, if he is willing
but, my God, my head is spinning
as the Dark falls back around the light
the speed of light is not the fastest one on Earth
it will never vanquish all the night
because my shadows fight back far too fierce
and Light lives with inadequate assumptions
for Dark will always be there first
to countermand the Light’s compulsions
I almost can’t remember how the salt dissolves upon my tongue
when licked and taken from your skin
as we played among the shades of night
to the sunbeam’s ultimate chagrin
you say that only God can save my soul
and that a lake of fire burns
you ask me what is wrong and assume I’ve turned my back
as a dog, to its own vomit, returns
I’m tired of this game
and I hate your damned pretentions
you know nothing and assume you know it all
I’ve had enough of guilt and pressure
and of your superior condescensions
you ask again because the only
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She said
        I'm afraid of rejection
        people have said this and turned on me
I looked at her, the representation
        she chose to show
        and my heart hurts for her
She said
        I'm just.
        some attention seeking whore.
        I don't have a story.
But I know she does
        because it's my story
        self-hate brought on by never
        receiving any positive comments
        emptiness and pain
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ghost story
ghost story
deeper shades of soul come haunting every night,
come haunting, unrelenting
in their lust for blackened light
the banshee screams and hellish wails
echo through my skin and cold entrails
goose flesh rises from the fear it prizes
in backward loathing of the memories
and silent sighs that come a-roving
this is madness, this is torture
in this half-strength pain that was my right
the pain i wanted, never given
scratch and bite
say a prayer, so unforgiven
out of darkness, birthed out of black
i drag these wraiths, worth more to me than ecstasy
my garments and my skin
invisible, i paint them on and drag
them from their dusty haunts
shades of soul, shades of you
your dark blue eyes, deep and true
your scent clings to my memory
and makes my breath come gasping
adrenaline and desire everlasting
i want the darkness, i want it all
the pain, freedom, courage to stand
against the crimson, scarlet waterfall
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MP3 player of choice: Ignatius Platypod II, my iPhone
Favourite cartoon character: XKCD stickmen, Calvin & Hobbes
As promised, Cameron Conaway has posted some of my poems on his site at The Examiner.  I didn't know which he would pick, as I think I sent him 5 or 6 and he selected.  There are three posted.  I guess it's more of a feature than a review, but that doesn't matter, it's still awesome.

Here's the link!  Go read and enjoy.
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